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This collection highlights resources for English Learners to improve diverse learning opportunities.

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This collection offers financial management resources ranging from financial transparency requirements to strategic use of funds. 

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These resources are designed to help Regional Centers, state and local education agencies, educators, and parents as they collectively navigate the unpredictable path back to school.  In addition to the resources in this collection, the National Center has gathered selected resources from national organizations and educational institutions, as well as a set of state plans related to returning to school, which will be updated as new plans become available and current plans are revised.

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States have long been working to provide families with educational options, but the COVID-19 crisis has elevated the need for families to have different schooling options at their disposal. This series of briefs covers district-level open enrollment, charter schools, private schools, homeschooling, virtual schooling, dual enrollment (high school and college), and rural education. Each brief discusses the financial implications of that educational choice and includes a summary of trends in participation and outcomes. Each brief concludes with a set of best practices to support policymakers in designing school choice policies.