May 18, 2021 - May 18, 2021

NCSI TLC: Research-Informed Practices to Improve Outcomes for Black Students with Disabilities


What is the TLC Series?
This is a free virtual series of engaging conversations with experts, focusing on questions related to the intersection of race and disability in special education and in education more broadly, to explore ways that systems can actively improve conditions and outcomes for Black students.
Conversations are organized around NCSI’s four priority systems foundations: data literacy, stakeholder and family engagement, research-informed practice, and systems coherence.

Who Should Attend:
The series is aimed at SEA staff within special education and beyond. NCSI also welcomes all interested stakeholders, including other state agency staff, representatives of parent and family organizations, LEA staff, state-level or national technical assistance providers, professional development providers, representatives from institutions of higher education, and other education stakeholders.