Oct 18, 2022 - Oct 18, 2022

School Spending & Outcomes Snapshot: Data Displays That Work

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Looking for data displays to host conversations on equity and school improvement? We have an app for that.

In this session we will launch the School Spending & Outcomes Snapshot, a new resource for hosting a variety of conversations about spending, resource allocation and school improvement. National Comprehensive Center partner Edunomics Lab will share findings from a two-year research project with 26 diverse LEAs to test data displays and build the School Spending & Outcomes Snapshot. Participants will learn how to download custom data displays and resources to guide tricky conversations about district spending decisions and whether or not resulting allocations are equitable or have real benefits for students. We will share how these data displays can be used in annual budgeting, in SEA led resource allocation reviews, and inform future conversations among district and school leaders on financial strategy and management.