Jul 31, 2020

Returning to Schools – A Toolkit for Principals

Maureen Richel
Toolkit cover

Whether a veteran or novice school principal, all desire that every student returns to a school that is even better than the one the child left the previous year. Principals require support as they will continue to rally around students, teachers, families and staff in doing just that – ensuring this school year is more productive and successful than the last, despite the differences and changes that COVID-19 now requires.

While every new school year presents principals with a multitude of new particulars, the pandemic has spawned an info-demic. When it comes to Change, Communication, Collaboration, and Care, it is critical to get the correct and most current information for all within a principal’s direct circle of responsibility.

This succinct toolkit is meant to aid school leaders in structuring their thinking about the reopening and return to schools no matter how and where teaching and learning occur.  We have attempted to keep to the point and, with a click, direct link users to critical and current resources. The Returning to School - A Toolkit for Principals includes four sections. All four sections begin with a conversational introduction, followed by some practical suggestions for consideration which are then supported by aligned resources, quick tip sheets, and templates. We encourage principals to scan the four sections and consider how these support preparations for an efficacious school year.

Click on the links below for a brief tour of the 4 sections in the toolkit. 

In addition, click on the video blogs below that share how the toolkit was developed and what people are saying about it.

Returning to School - A Toolkit for Principals, is a handy computer desktop companion for principals as they assist with and respond to Change, Communication, Collaboration, and Care in the time of COVID.

- Maureen Richel is one of the authors of  Returning to School - A Toolkit for Principals and part of the capacity building team at the National Center.