Oct 30, 2020

Response to Disruption Collection

Allison Layland
National Center Logo

The National Comprehensive Center just released a collection of resources designed to support Regional Centers as they work with State and Local Education Agencies and some Local Education to address the impact of COVID-19 on teaching and learning. Watch the video below for an overview of these resources.

The Response to Disruptions Collection includes:

  • Tools for Success in Disruptions: Immediate Recovery and an Opportunity for Change  provides key questions related to specific topics including operations, systems, and teaching & learning to consider during and post a disruption. The questions are designed to probe thinking and identify current and future needs. Resources and tools are highlighted that provide more information or can be used to address concerns identified through question discussions. 
  • Foundations of Scenario Planning explains what scenario planning is and offers an eight-step process to create and use scenarios for planning now and in the future. 
  • After Action Review Guide describes the important, but often neglected, process of monitoring, reflecting, and making mid-course corrections based on lessons learned. A strongly facilitated After Action Review focuses on the process and the systems, not the people, and helps a team or organization get stronger.
  • Better Together: A Coordinated Response for Principals and District Leaders highlights the important role that principals play in operating school buildings every day (with even more responsibilities during a disruption), and how districts can support them to do that job. 
  • Strategic Budgeting: Using Evidence to Mitigate the “COVID Slide” and Move Towards Improvement presents a strategic budgeting process and details ways budgets may be shifted to better meet the needs of students.. This work is particularly important as districts begin their annual budget cycles this fall to ensure that maximum impact is achieved while adverse consequences are limited. 
  • Returning to School: A Toolkit for Principals, In the Classroom, at Home or Both is organized around four key concepts: change, communication, collaboration, and care, each of which delve into school and classroom level practices, structures, and systems that support both staff, students, and their families. 

Please utilize this information, the documents themselves, and the video overviews of the collection to share the collection with your staff, networks, and your SEA contacts. If you and a state or district are interested in using any of the resources, contact the National Center