Oct 21, 2022

Introducing Our New Dashboard: Trauma-Informed Practices Resources

Nanmathi Manian
Lead for the TI/SEL workgroup, Capacity Building
TIPs/SEL Dashboard screenshot

The Value of TIPs

National Comprehensive Center (NCC) has conducted a landscape scan and curated a set of resources in a new and easy-to-navigate dashboard that supports children facing adverse childhood experiences. By having readily available trauma-informed practices (TIPs), educators can be better prepared to create a safe environment that fosters learning. Effective trauma-informed systems contribute to improved student and school outcomes, including:

  • Greater academic success
  • Reduced exclusionary discipline practices
  • Improved school climate and safety
  • Enhanced student social and emotional behavioral functioning

The dashboard is divided into categories and further organized by sources, content area, primary audience, and more for ease of use. Below are the categories in NCC’s new dashboard:

  • Addressing Grief
  • Dropout Prevention
  • Distance Learning
  • Historical Trauma
  • Self-Care for Educators
  • Centering Youth Voice
  • Recovery from Disasters
  • Multilingual Learners
  • Foster Care