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The Comprehensive Center Network (CCNetwork) features 20 federally funded technical assistance Centersthe National Comprehensive Center and 19 Regional Comprehensive Centers.

The Centers address pressing educational needs around the country in collaboration with:

  • State, jurisdiction, district, and local leaders
  • The U.S. Department of Education
  • National organizations
  • Community partners

Each of these Centers offers no-cost services and products to support capacity-building in state and local education agencies.

What is the CCNetwork?

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Explore Circles of Reflection Toolkit

National Comprehensive Center’s Native Education Collaborative is excited to present Circles of Reflection: A Toolkit for SEAs.

Circles of Reflection is an engaging process that unites a state education agency (SEA) with local education agencies (LEAs) and Tribes for reflective and meaningful conversations about Native education. By forming strong partnerships, SEAs can lead with equity, allowing all voices to be heard, and ensure they’re doing the most for Native students’ academic and personal well-being


Screen grab from the School Spending & Outcomes Snapshot tool that depicts a variety of data points plotted on a grid

School Spending & Outcomes Snapshot: Supporting Conversations on Equity and School Improvement

School Spending & Outcomes Snapshot is a resource for hosting a variety of conversations about spending, resource allocation, and school improvement. This tool can be used to download data displays and resources that can help guide conversations about district spending decisions and their benefits for students.

View the School Spending & Outcomes Snapshot

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Browse the CCNetwork Impact Stories

How do we know we’re making an impact? The CCNetwork’s Impact Stories illustrate the results of our work by celebrating ingenuity and collaboration and highlighting moments that sparked change in education. Written by National Comprehensive Center and Regional Comprehensive Center staff, these stories detail key strategies, important lessons, and promising solutions emerging from the CCNetwork's work with SEAs and LEAs across the country.

Vist the Impact Stories Page

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CCNetwork Highlights

This rotating collection highlights stories, resources, and tools from across the CCNetwork and showcases topics of urgent interest. For each collection we provide: 

  • An introduction to the topic
  • An outline of subtopics
  • Concise and useful tools and how to obtain them
  • Resources designed to underpin successful practice

Available Topics:

Group of students excited in classroom

Teaching and Learning

Instructional methods, curriculum materials, and helpful tools support K-12 learning at school, at home, and in the community.

Teacher leading a classroom

Educator Workforce

The CCNetwork supports states and districts as they design and implement strategies to ensure students have equitable access to effective teachers and leaders.

Students and teacher outside

Summer and Out-of-School Time

Summer learning and out-of-school time (OST) programs are fun and important ways to make up for lost instructional time, build relationships between students and teachers, and prepare students and families for the next school year.

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Blog Post
Supporting Students in Poverty graphic
Sep 1, 2023
Every educator struggles with balancing their sense of urgency with knowing exactly how to best support students most impacted by the learning challenges associated with poverty.     New programs and research may promise the solution to address student learning gaps; however, the key to changing academic outcomes for students is building and supporting expert teachers.     National Comprehensive Center’s Supporting Students in Poverty with…
Blog Post
Apple on top of books
Aug 23, 2023
When it became apparent that the pandemic-related changes to education were resulting in widespread academic slowdowns and learning challenges, the Comprehensive Center Network’s Accelerated Learning Work Group developed a guide for school literacy teams to help address the learning disruption in grades 1–3.   The literacy guide provides strategies to prioritize instructional goals, plan efficient use of instructional time, reorganize staffing…
Blog Post
Logos for Native Education Collaborative and Circles of Reflection
Jul 13, 2023
By Mandy Smoker Broaddus and Amy Bitterman   National Comprehensive Center’s Native Education Collaborative is excited to present, Circles of Reflection: A Toolkit for SEAs. Available as an online guide with step-by-step instructions, state education agencies (SEAs) can now access the great content, tips, and resources in one convenient location. To share more about the process and this new Toolkit, authors Amy Bitterman and Mandy Smoker…
Blog Post
Accelerated Learning Work Group logo
Jun 22, 2023
States have encouraged using ARP/ESSER funds to purchase high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) because there is general consensus that better materials can have a substantial impact on students’ learning outcomes. But simply acquiring HQIM is not enough to ensure results. What lessons have districts learned about implementing HQIM with quality and fidelity? What role can state agencies play in ensuring there is a return on investment from…
ED Logo
Jun 19, 2023
ED is carrying out its United We Stand commitments under the new initiative “Free to Learn.” Together with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), they are coordinating to support states and territories, school districts, tribal nations, and public health agencies to prevent, address, and ameliorate the effects of bullying, violence, and hate while also supporting school safety, school-based mental health, and positive school…

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