Regional Comprehensive Centers

Regional Comprehensive Centers (Regional Centers) provide intensive capacity-building services to one or more States to identify, implement, and sustain effective evidence-based practices that support improved educator and student outcomes. Together, Regional Centers provide services to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Bureau of Indian Education, and the U.S. territories and outlying areas.

Examples of some of the services Regional Centers can provide:

  • Conduct needs-sensing to determine priority areas for state and local educational agencies
  • Identify evidence-based practices (EBPs) to help states and districts address needs
  • Develop a plan to integrate EBPs in state and local agency policies, procedures, and programs
  • Offer support to implement and sustain the new practices

Click on the links below to access interactive maps where you can find more information about Regional Centers' project organized by Center and state agency.

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A color-coded map displays the following 19 Region Centers and what states they cover.

  • Region 1: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont
  • Region 2: Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island
  • Region 3: Puerto Rico, U. S. Virgin Islands
  • Region 4: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
  • Region 5: Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
  • Region 6: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
  • Region 7: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi
  • Region 8: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio
  • Region 9: Illinois, Iowa
  • Region 10: Minnesota, Wisconsin
  • Region 11: Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming
  • Region 12: Colorado, Kansas, Missouri
  • Region 13: Bureau of Indian Education, New Mexico, Oklahoma
  • Region 14: Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas
  • Region 15: Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah
  • Region 16: Alaska, Oregon, Washington
  • Region 17: Idaho, Montana
  • Region 18: Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Palau
  • Region 19: American Samoa, Hawaii, Marshall Islands

CCNetwork: By the Numbers

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Explore the CCNetwork: By the Numbers

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