Sep 22, 2022

Student Recruitment Made Easier –7 Essential Components

Sherelle Foust
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There is no need to struggle with the “how” when working to recruit students to programs outside of the school day. That’s because The Wallace Foundation Summer Learning Recruitment Guide has provided detailed steps, including explanations and templates to create a successful recruitment plan. Getting students back into school buildings, or other locations, to spend additional learning time can be a difficult task, especially without previous experience in recruiting and quality resources. Lots of time could easily be spent “reinventing the wheel” if educators are not aware of proven student-recruitment resources and guides.

Recruitment and Retention in Youth Programs provides information on the methodological considerations for student recruitment as well.

Below are 7 components to consider when trying to recruit students for programming outside of the school day:

  1. Begin with a plan that serves as a detailed guide
  2. Understand what is important to parents and families, building relationships with those who help determine student participation
  3. Know what is important to students, understanding student agency (voice), and their active engagement in their own learning and development, including representation and participation in decisions
  4. Use clear, concise, and engaging communication and marketing, considering the content, audience, and author of the message, method, and frequency of delivery
  5. Ensure organization of efficient program registration, events, and incentives for attendance, participation, and attainment
  6. Determine school and district staff involvement in recruitment for the out-of-school program
  7. Understand the safety, access, and transportation logistics to appropriately manage the impact these factors will have on recruitment

Individuals leading K-12, out-of-school-student recruitment efforts can lean into solid resources with proven methods and outcomes for best use of time and resources.